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Did you know that coconut water has potassium in it! So on a hot summer day, instead of reaching for those bananas or sports drinks, grab a coconut and take a drink.. its fun too!

So what do you do with your coconut after you’ve drunk everything? Well, you eat it of course! Polynesia.com has a great article on how to remove coconut meat from the shell.

Coconut meat is great in so many recipes or even just sprinkled on your morning oatmeal. Of course, you can just eat it whole too!

According to the USDA, 100 grams of coconut water has 250mg of potassium. For comparison, the USDA states that a small banana approximately 100 grams in size has 358mg of potassium. While clearly not as much, it does come in drink form! But measurements can be deceiving! liquids often weigh more because they have a higher mass. If we switch up the measurement unit we might be able to elaborate on this. 1 cup of coconut water has more potassium than a small banana of around 100 grams in weight.

it’s also naturally loaded with electrolytes including magnesium 4% DV, phosphorus, 4% DV, and more.