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Levi Garrett, Owner, Indoor Garden CEO
Guy Garrett, Owner, Operations Manager
Sherry Garrett, Owner, Business Manager

Owning their own business for 24 years, building CATV systems and fiber optic networks, it kept the family apart more than together. Guy was always traveling for work and Sherry was traveling back and forth to job sites, while being a mom, and working for the business from home. Levi graduated high school and joined the USMC to follow in the family tradition.  After Levi finished with the reserves, he went to work with family business, which kept him traveling as well. Levi gained an interest in hydroponics and grew a few things at first, sunflowers and catnip for his cat. Levi began to immerse himself into learning about hydroponics and living soil. He then talked his mother into joining him at a couple conventions and returning to school with him to learn about hydroponics.  


When the opportunity presented itself, we decided to do something that would not only help bring the family back to one location more often, but also a way to help the community.  With active children in wrestling, football, soccer, show choir, jiu jitsu, rugby, Sherry finds ways to donate and help as much as she can with these adventures. Over the years, Sherry has welcomed other children into her home and helped guide them on to better paths and futures.  A biological mother of three, a mother at heart to many more. 

Ponics Produce will be producing all natural, chemical and pesticide free produce year-round.  Offering at-home growing supplies and units as well.  They hope to educate others about the importance of using natural items to grow food, not only to help people maintain a healthier lifestyle, but also helping our environment. They’re excited to begin this journey and share it with others.


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1101 N Main St

Edgerton, WI 53534

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