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Here at Ponics Produce in Edgerton Wi, you might have noticed we have an ever-growing search for exotic fruits and veggies going on. When you stop on by Ponics Produce you will surely find some random exotic fruit to sample and buy and this week we have Rambutan!

Rambutan (related to lychee. both belong to the Sapindaceae family) originated in the Malaysian−Indonesian region. Now widely cultivated across Southeast Asia and even Hawaii! It is customarily sold whole fruit as mechanical processing means typically damages the soft white fruit inside. Though commercially jams, jellies, juices and more are available.

The Weird Fruit Explorer does a good job of describing the fruits taste, texture and more.

Come on into Ponics Produce in Edgerton wi to give Rambutan a try! You’ll be hard-pressed to find it anywhere else locally!