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What is a Pickles Station?

Ponics Produce sure has something new for you! We’ve made a DIY refrigerator pickle station at Ponics so you can enjoy wonderfully tasty, gut-healthy pickles that you make yourself out of virtually anything in the store!

You can even ask us to chop or slice something up to help fit it in your jars, Give it a try!

We think that a Pickle Station at the store will be an exciting fun experience for everyone who loves pickles. Forgot a gift and heading to a party… yup Ponics Produce Pickles Station to the rescue. Just ran a marathon? You better hope there’s some pickle juice in the fridge to sip afterward. Or maybe you just would like to enjoy the fresh pickles you made yourself without any of the mess and headache.

How to use the Pickles Station?

The Pickles Station takes out the headache of preparing refrigerator pickles and makes it easy 1,2,3!

  1. Grab a jar ready to go with standard pickling spices.
  2. Pack it with cucumbers or other various produce.
  3. Top it off with our made fresh brine and seal it up.

Take it home and put it in your fridge for a few days and enjoy!

*PRO TIP – use a sharpie or chalk pen to write the date on the lid, refrigerator pickles will be good for 4-6 weeks when re-sealed and put back in the fridge after every use.

Benefits of Refrigerator Pickles

Probiotic: Since pickles are a fermented food, so they are rich in probiotics and great for your gut. The sugars are broken down during fermentation and turned into lactic acid, which holds the probiotic benefits.

Pickles are Great For Your Eyes: incorporating pickles into your diet could do you some good. They’re high in vitamin A, which is linked to supporting healthy vision. As an added bonus, vitamin A is also good for your immune system.

Pickles – It does a body good… Like milk but… different: Pickles contain vitamin K, which has been connected to helping prevent osteoporosis because of its ability to regulate calcium levels.

We have loads of plans to build out the Pickles Station like making different recipes for you to try. There are literally tons of options when it comes to pickles and we think this can be a great way for you to easily try new pickles and new flavors often.

So please come give it a try, and tell us what you think about any ways we can improve the Pickles Station at Ponics Produce.