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As we get ready for summer to start winding down and slowly slip away, our minds will begin to wonder……..How can we keep those pretty colors popping in our gardens just a little bit longer. Mums, that’s how. These beautiful flowers have become the signature flower for Fall. They continue to add vibrance and color to your gardens. Mums come in an array of colors, from purples, reds, oranges, pink, green, white, and yellow. This vibrant flower has petals densely packed together, not only adding color, but also texture to your garden.


Mums are fairly self-sufficient flowers; at times we do need to help out by giving them a bit of water. Once you plant them into their new home give them at least an inch of water each week. Those who plant them into pots, be sure to check the soil and don’t let it dry out. If you notice your pots or gardens looking dry you may need to increase the amount of water you are giving the flowers. As you start to think about pulling out those cozy warm sweaters and baking those delicious homemade pies, don’t forget to spice up your gardens and porches as well. We are proud to carry Mums grown by Geskes Gardens in Milton, Wi