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New exotics have landed at Ponics Produce in Edgerton Wi


A wonderful fruit you may have never tried. They can be eaten while still green to a deep shriveled red giving you a different experience each time. Similar in size to a crab apple, they are almost like a cross between an apple and a pear. The riper they get the inside turns spongy in texture. In their ripe shriveled form, people use them in teas and desserts.

Moondrop Grapes

Have you ever bitten into a grape and wished you had 2/3rds more grape to enjoy? Well, have we got something for you! Moondrop Grapes are a wonderfully tasting eating grape but the extra length does actually add a little something special to their experience.

Cherry Bomb Peppers

These Cherry Bombs probably won’t have the neighbors calling the cops on you… They are rated as similar in heat to a “cooler” Jalapeno pepper. People make poppers with these peppers and you can too! though we’re trying something a bit more out of the ordinary and making a spicy peach cobbler. (yes we even have peaches at Ponics Produce)