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Cherimoya fruit goes by many names and is an absolute favorite fruit for some and that in and of itself is a worthwhile reason to check it out for yourself I’d think.

How to eat Cherimoya Fruit

You can eat ripe cherimoya with a spoon. Simply slice it in half, remove the seeds, and use a spoon to scoop out the flesh. You can also peel the fruit, cut it into cubes, and remove the seeds.

The flavors you get are unbelievable! but maybe you’d like to see a video too?

Sometimes a video is the best so here’s one from The Weird Fruit Explorer

About Cherimoya

The cherimoya (called chirimuya by the Inca people) is a subtropical fruit originally from the highlands of Ecuador and Peru. It’s scientific name is Annona cherimola. It is closely related to the Soursop.

An ice cream that doesn’t need an ice cream!

Cherimoyas are often used to make desserts, including ice creams and sorbets. But if you want to eat something delicious, just chill a perfectly ripe fruit and then slice it in half and enjoy the creamy flesh with a spoon. You’ll find out why cherimoya is called the “ice cream fruit” too.

Where to get Custard Apples?

Ponics Produce in Edgerton Wi grows produce year-round hydroponically right on Main st and imports in some wonderfully exotic treats for you to tantalize your tastebuds weekly.